At-A-Glance Concert Schedule

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SC– Supper Club
CH– Concert Hall
MB– Music Box Full Venue
RT– Rooftop Deck
RF– Riverfront Porch
PDR– Private Dining Room

Wed4/177:00 pmSCCLE History Comes Alive – John Thobaben & Frank Smith
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed4/178:00 pmCHTodd Snider
Brilliantly Insightful Singer-Songwriter (Tickets)
Thu4/187:30 pmCHDave Davies of The Kinks
Revolutionary Guitar Sound that Changed Rock & Roll (Tickets)
Thu4/187:30 pmSCThe Blue Drivers
Jump, Jive, and Let the Spring Blues Drive (Tickets)
Fri4/198:00 pmSCAcross The Universe: A Tribute to John Lennon
Cleveland's Only John Lennon Tribute (Tickets)
Sat4/207:30 pmSCNitebridge: Motown & More
Bring the house down when it comes to their live performances! (Tickets)
Sat4/208:00 pmCHSoul In The City
Live Music & DJ Fusion (Tickets)
Sat4/209:00 pmCHTropical Cleveland
Cleveland is Heating Up! (Tickets)
Sun4/2112:00 pmSCEaster Brunch with Marys Lane
Rockin' Irish Easter (Tickets)
Tue4/237:00 pmSCOrange & Brown Pre-Draft Breakdown
Complimentary Appetizers & Great Lakes Draft Specials (Tickets)
Wed4/247:00 pmSCSuperman Saves Cleveland! – Dr. Brad Ricca
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu4/257:30 pmCHThe Paul Pope Band
Farewell Show (Tickets)
Thu4/257:30 pmSCKristine Jackson & Becky Boyd
Gritty Cleveland Blues (Tickets)
Fri4/268:00 pmCHJourney Tribute by E5C4P3
Don't Stop Believin' (Tickets)
Fri4/268:00 pmSCSpringsteen Tribute by Swamps of Jersey
Ohio's Premier Tribute to The Boss (Tickets)
Sat4/278:00 pmSCMaura Rogers & The Bellows
Moving Alternative Folk (Tickets)
Sun4/2812:00 pmSCCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young Brunch
Featuring Long Time Gone (Tickets)
Sun4/287:00 pmCHRobben Ford
One of the Greatest Guitarists of the 20th Century (Tickets)
Wed5/17:00 pmSCThe Kent State Shootings, May 4, 1970 – Carter Strang
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed5/17:30 pmCHPJ Morton
Keys and a Mic Acoustic Tour (Tickets)
Thu5/27:30 pmSCThe Everly Brothers Experience
Tribute to America's Greatest Rock n' Roll Sibling Duo (Tickets)
Fri5/3BLDGBuilding Closed – Private Event (Tickets)
Sat5/4BLDGBuilding Closed – Private Event (Tickets)
Sun5/512:00 pmSCCinco de Mayo Brunch with Gringo Stew
Country Rockin' Tex Mex (Tickets)
Sun5/512:00 pmCHBowie Brunch
Featuring Diamond Dogs (Tickets)
Tue5/77:30 pmSCCalifornia Guitar Trio & Montreal Guitar Trio
Exploring the Acoustic Universe of Rock, Classical, Jazz & More! (Tickets)
Wed5/87:00 pmSCCleveland’s Plans from the Attic – Chris Ronayne
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu5/97:00 pmSCOpen Mic Night
The Stage is Yours (Tickets)
Thu5/97:30 pmCHEaglemania
The World's Greatest Eagles Tribute (Tickets)
Fri5/108:00 pmCHDenny Laine & The Moody Wing Band
Founding Member of The Moody Blues & Wings (Tickets)
Fri5/108:00 pmSCThe Shootouts
High-Energy Honky Tonk, Country, & Western Swing (Tickets)
Sat5/117:00 pmSCSteely Dan Tribute by The FM Project
Reelin' in the Years of Steely Dan (Tickets)
Sat5/118:00 pmCHABBARAMA
Abba Tribute from Sweden (Tickets)
Sat5/1111:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, the Store for Lovers (Tickets)
Sun5/1212:00 pmSCMother’s Day Brunch!
Featuring Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys (Tickets)
Sun5/124:00 pmSCMother’s Day Show!
Featuring Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys (Tickets)
Mon5/137:00 pmCHScience Café Cleveland
Talk Science, Drink Beer (Tickets)
Wed5/157:00 pmSCEuclid Beach Memories – John Frato & Dudley Humphrey
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed5/157:30 pmCHJoan Osborne Sings the Songs of Bob Dylan
Multi Platinum, 7x Grammy-Nominated Soulful Vocalist (Tickets)
Thu5/167:30 pmCHGlass Harp
Critically-Acclaimed Progressive Rock Trio from Youngstown (Tickets)
Thu5/167:00 pmSCFrederic Lahey
Do You Need to Go to Film School? (Tickets)
Fri5/178:00 pmSCMotown & More: Divas Edition
by Nitebridge (Tickets)
Fri5/178:00 pmCHGlass Harp
Critically-Acclaimed Progressive Rock Trio from Youngstown (Tickets)
Sat5/18BLDGBuilding Closed – Private Event (Tickets)
Sun5/1912:00 pmSCSinatra Brunch
Featuring Michael Sonata (Tickets)
Sun5/196:00 pmSCThe Black Donnellys
2x Guinness World Record Irish Rockers (Tickets)
Wed5/227:00 pmSCWMMS: How The Buzzard Took Over the World – John Gorman, Flash Ferenc, Denny Sanders
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu5/236:00 pmSCSinatra with Sonata: A Seeds Event
A Benefit Supporting Seeds of Literacy (Tickets)
Thu5/238:00 pmCHCleveland Sessions: The Dead Licks
Intoxicating Alternative Rock (Tickets)
Fri5/248:00 pmCHVan Morrison Tribute
by Nitebridge & Colin Dussault (Tickets)
Fri5/248:00 pmSCDueling Pianos with Cleveland Keys
All-Request, High-Energy Fun (Tickets)
Sat5/257:00 pmSCBecky Boyd & The Groove Train
Cleveland Favorite for over 40 Years (Tickets)
Sun5/2612:00 pmSCBeatles Brunch
With The Sunrise Jones (Tickets)
Sun5/2612:00 pmCHKinks Brunch with Cats On Holiday & Friends
Come Dancing! (Tickets)
Wed5/297:00 pmSCThe True Story of CLE’s Burning River at its 50th Anniversary – Doug Kusak
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu5/307:00 pmCHConfessions of a True Crime Addict with James Renner
A Mix of Standup and Frightening Stories about Our Obsession with Crime (Tickets)
Thu5/307:30 pmSCMichelle Romary
Incredible Songwriting, Amazing Vocals, and Beautiful Honesty (Tickets)
Fri5/318:00 pmCHBruce in the USA
The World’s Greatest Tribute to The Boss (Tickets)
Fri5/318:00 pmSCHey Mavis
Brilliant Northcoast Americana & Folk (Tickets)
Sat6/18:00 pmSCTodd Sharp
40+ Years of Playing Guitar with Hall & Oates, Rod Stewart, and many others! (Tickets)
Sun6/212:00 pmSCCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young Brunch
Featuring Long Time Gone (Tickets)
Sun6/27:30 pmCHPaul Gilbert
Mr. Big's Guitar Virtuoso (Tickets)
Thu6/67:00 pmSCOpen Mic Night
The Stage is Yours (Tickets)
Fri6/78:00 pmSCRoomful of Blues
The Best Big Blues Band in the Land (Tickets)
Wed6/12SCFamily Reflections: Authors Share Their Stories
A Benefit for Adoption Network Cleveland (Tickets)
Thu6/138:00 pmCHBoDeans
30+ Years of Compelling Roots Rock (Tickets)
Fri6/148:00 pmSCJoe Louis Walker
Prolific Blues Hall of Famer (Tickets)
Fri6/146:00 pmCHRock For Relief 2
Benefiting the Karen P. Nakon Breast Cancer Foundation (Tickets)
Tue6/187:30 pmCHTerrapin Flyer
Premier Grateful Dead Touring Band including former members of the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band (Tickets)
Wed6/198:00 pmCHRobyn Hitchcock
One of Rock's Most Enduring and Beloved Craftsman (Tickets)
Thu6/207:30 pmCHEric Roberson
Presented by The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Tickets)
Thu6/207:00 pmSCIvan Schwarz
Getting Your First Job in the Film Industry (Tickets)
Sun6/2312:00 pmSCBritish Invasion Brunch!
Here Come the Brits by Nitebridge (Tickets)
Sun6/238:00 pmCHJuliana Hatfield
Weird Album Release (Tickets)
Mon6/247:00 pmSCAuthors’ Night: Celebrating Great Books about Cleveland History
Free Admission – No Cover Charge
3-Course Prix Fixe Dinner Menu for only $20
Wed6/267:30 pmCHJimmie Vaughan
One of the Best Blues Guitarists in the World (Tickets)
Thu6/278:00 pmCHThe Great Love Debate
The World's #1 Dating & Relationship Podcast (Tickets)
Fri6/287:30 pmSCTom Petty Tribute by Shadow of Doubt
Northeast Ohio's Favorite Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Tribute Band (Tickets)
Fri6/2811:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, the Store for Lovers (Tickets)
Sat6/297:00 pmSCLil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials
Electrifying Chicago Blues (Tickets)
Sun6/3012:00 pmCHMoving In Stereo Brunch ~
Tribute to The Cars
Just What Your Sunday Needed (Tickets)
Wed7/38:00 pmCHTUSK: Fleetwood Mac Tribute
The World's #1 Tribute to Fleetwood Mac (Tickets)
Fri7/58:00 pmSCSantana Tribute by Evil Ways
Faithfully Recreating the Music of Carlos Santana (Tickets)
Sat7/68:00 pmSCNikki Hill
Let Rock & Roll Rip the Soul! (Tickets)
Sun7/712:00 pmCHThree Dog Night Brunch
Featuring Eli's Coming (Tickets)
Fri7/128:00 pmSCCarvin Jones Band
World Renowned Blues-Rock Icon (Tickets)
Sun7/1412:00 pmSCBilly Joel Brunch
Featuring 52nd Street Stranger (Tickets)
Thu7/187:00 pmSCRichard Fike
What it Takes to Get into the "World of Action" - Stunt Work and Special Effects (Tickets)
Wed7/247:30 pmCHLouis Prima Jr
The Most Swingin' Rock Band in the World (Tickets)
Thu7/257:30 pmCHWatch What Crappens – Live Podcast Event
Award Winning Podcast All About Bravo (Tickets)
Fri7/268:00 pmSCDana Fuchs
Unmistakable Blues & Soul Vocalist (Tickets)
Sat7/277:30 pmSCAnne E. DeChant
The Grit & Soul of Today's Americana Music (Tickets)
Sun7/2812:00 pmSCJimmy Buffett Brunch
Featuring Cheeseburgers In Paradise (Tickets)
Fri8/98:00 pmCHChicago Tribute by Beginnings
Performing All Your Favorites from Chicago’s Extensive Song Catalog (Tickets)
Fri8/98:00 pmSCVanessa Collier
Sizzling Singer and Sax Player (Tickets)
Sat8/108:00 pmSC15 60 75 The Numbers Band
50 Years of Alternative Blues & Experimental Rock (Tickets)
Sun8/1112:00 pmCHNeil Diamond Brunch ~ The Diamond Project
America's Best Live Neil Diamond Tribute (Tickets)
Sun8/1112:00 pmSCWoodstock Brunch: Nitebridge & Friends
Peace, Love, Music, & Brunch (Tickets)
Thu8/157:30 pmCHThe Del McCoury Band
Del's 80th Birthday Celebration (Tickets)
Thu8/157:00 pmSCJohnny Wu
How to Produce Your First Film (Tickets)
Fri8/168:00 pmSCWoodstock! by Nitebridge & Friends
50 Years of Peace, Love, & Music (Tickets)
Thu8/228:00 pmCHThe Smithereens with Marshall Crenshaw
Raucous Rock & Power-Pop (Tickets)
Fri8/238:00 pmCHJonah Koslen
Intimate Encore Performance (Tickets)
Sun8/2512:00 pmCHWE WILL ROCK YOU Brunch
Another One Bites the Brunch (Tickets)
Fri8/3011:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, a store for lovers! (Tickets)
Sat8/318:00 pmSCJiMiller Band ~ Grateful Family Affair
Grateful Dead Tribute by JiMiller Band & Friends (Tickets)
Sat9/78:00 pmTHE AGORA THEATREGlen Hansard at The Agora Theatre
This Wild Willing Tour (Tickets)
Thu9/197:00 pmSCMike Wendt
How to Become a Location Scout (Tickets)
Fri9/208:00 pmCHThe Choir
Artifact Encore Performance (Tickets)
Fri9/278:00 pmSCAbbey Road 50th Anniversary Tribute
Performed by The George Martins & Friends (Tickets)
Sat9/288:00 pmSCAbbey Road 50th Anniversary Tribute
Performed by The George Martins & Friends (Tickets)
Thu10/177:00 pmSCJohn Ewing
Secrets of Specialty Film Exhibition (Tickets)
Thu11/217:00 pmSCKeith Collins
Choreographing a Fight Scene (Tickets)


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