At-A-Glance Concert Schedule

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SC– Supper Club
CH– Concert Hall
MB– Music Box Full Venue
RT– Rooftop Deck
RF– Riverfront Porch
PDR– Private Dining Room

Sat1/2007:00 pmSCFrank Sinatra Tribute with Michael Sonata
Nobody does Sinatra like Sonata (Tickets)
Sat1/2008:00 pmCHDave Matthews Band Tribute by Trippin’ Billies
The nation’s most renowned, original and longest touring tribute to the Dave Matthews Band (Tickets)
Sat1/2011:00 pmSCTropical Cleveland
Cleveland is heating up! (Tickets)
Sun1/2112:00 pmSCBeatles Brunch
With The Sunrise Jones (Tickets)
Sun1/2107:00 pmCHHuun Huur Tu
Mesmerizing Tuvan Throat Singing (Tickets)
Sun1/2107:00 pmSCThe Accidentals
Yahoo Music’s “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2017” (Tickets)
Wed1/2407:00 pmSCSex, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll: Behind the Scenes in the Cleveland Rock Scene – Carlo Wolff
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed1/2407:30 pmCHLos Lobos
Four Decades. 24 albums. Brilliant music. (Tickets)
Thu1/2507:30 pmCHEagles Tribute by Hotel California
This tremendous Canadian band channels Don Henley better than anyone else! (Tickets)
Thu1/2507:30 pmSCAnthony Lovano & The Supernatural Band
Blues, Funk, Rock and Jazz (Tickets)
Fri1/2608:00 pmSCMotown & More with Nitebridge
Enjoy the jumpin' sounds of your favorite classic hits! (Tickets)
Sat1/2703:00 pmCHThe Music of Jonah Koslen:
The Heroes, Breathless, Solo Works and MSB Favorites (Tickets)
Sat1/2708:00 pmSCStevie Wonder Tribute
with The Reid Project (Tickets)
Sat1/2708:30 pmCHThe Music of Jonah Koslen:
The Heroes, Breathless, Solo Works and MSB Favorites (Tickets)
Sun1/2812:00 pmSCCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young Brunch
Featuring Long Time Gone (Tickets)
Sun1/2807:30 pmCHAimee Mann
Intelligent Pop Songstress (Tickets)
Thu2/107:30 pmSCAlexis Antes
Songs of heartache and growth (Tickets)
Fri2/208:00 pmCHThe Prince Experience
An Evening of His Purple Majesty (Tickets)
Fri2/208:00 pmSCDenis DeVito & Conor Standish
Rockin' the Rust Belt (Tickets)
Sat2/308:00 pmSCDueling Pianos with Cleveland Keys
High-Energy Big Fun (Tickets)
Sun2/412:00 pmSCSuper Brunch Sunday!
with Hey Mavis (Tickets)
Mon2/507:00 pmSCCleveland Sessions Launch Party with Seafair
An Exciting New Video Concert Series (Tickets)
Wed2/707:00 pmSCCleveland Food Memories: The Best Food We Miss – Gail Bellamy
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu2/807:30 pmCHTom Paxton with The DonJuans
Grammy winning Folk Heroes (Tickets)
Fri2/907:00 pmPDRBe My Valentine ~ Dinner with the Chef (Tickets)
Fri2/907:30 pmCHRachael Yamagata
Intriguing Cabaret Style Songwriter (Tickets)
Fri2/908:00 pmSCLil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials
Alligator Records' Blues Favorites (Tickets)
Sun2/1112:00 pmSCPatsy Cline Brunch – Valentine’s Day Edition
with Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys (Tickets)
Sun2/1112:30 pmCHMardi Gras Brunch
with Mo' Mojo (Tickets)
Mon2/1207:00 pmCHScience Café Cleveland – Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence
Talk Science, Drink Beer (Tickets)
Wed2/1407:00 pmSCA Dirt Road to Cleveland and How I Found My Purpose Here – Romona Robinson
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed2/1407:30 pmCHCrystal Bowersox
Spend Valentine's Day with Crystal Bowersox! (Tickets)
Thu2/1507:30 pmCHJD Souther
Eagles, Linda Ronstadt hits songwriter (Tickets)
Thu2/1508:00 pmSCThe Ballroom Thieves
Nimble Acoustic Folk (Tickets)
Fri2/1608:00 pmCHBilly Joel Tribute by The Stranger
Back by Popular Demand (Tickets)
Fri2/1611:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, a store for lovers! (Tickets)
Sat2/1707:30 pmSCSteely Dan Tribute by The FM Project
Northeast Ohio's Premier Steely Dan Tribute (Tickets)
Sun2/1812:00 pmSCBeatles Brunch
With The Sunrise Jones (Tickets)
Sun2/1807:00 pmCHMasters of Hawaiian Music:
George Kahumoku Jr, Led Kaapana & Jeff Peterson
Slack Key Guitar Masters (Tickets)
Wed2/2107:00 pmSCThe Cleveland Strangler: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Anthony Sowell and His 11 Victims – Robert Sberna & Laura Paglin
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Fri2/2308:00 pmSCCommander Cody
Boogie Woogie Roadhouse Blues (Tickets)
Fri2/2308:00 pmCHBob Marley Tribute by The Ark Band
Roots Reggae Celebration of Bob's Birthday (Tickets)
Sun2/2512:00 pmSCGeorge Harrison’s 75th Birthday Brunch
Featuring Thom Pope and Friends (Tickets)
Sun2/2507:30 pmCHTrevor Hall
A Night in the Village (Tickets)
Tue2/2707:30 pmCHAlan Doyle
Great Big Sea frontman (Tickets)
Wed2/2807:00 pmSCArts Prize Winner: How Cleveland Inspires My Books – Kevin P. Keating
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed2/2807:30 pmCHLadysmith Black Mambazo
Joyful and Uplifting South African Voices (Tickets)
Thu3/107:30 pmCHScythian
Celtic & Americana fused with Thunderous Energy (Tickets)
Fri3/208:00 pmCHFleetwood Mac Tribute by TUSK
The Ultimate Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band (Tickets)
Sat3/308:00 pmCHRolling Stones Tribute by Satisfaction
Back by Popular Demand (Tickets)
Sat3/308:00 pmSCAnne E. DeChant CD Release
Debut of Lost in Kentucky (Tickets)
Sun3/407:00 pmCHK4K: Kyle for Kids
A Benefit for the Kyle Jean-Baptiste Foundation Inc. (Tickets)
Tue3/607:00 pmSCTracy Marie CD Release with Sunshine Daydream
Tracy Marie CD release with Sunshine Daydream at Music Box (Tickets)
Wed3/707:00 pmSCCleveland & Ohio City Go to War & Other Early Stories of CLE – John Grabowski
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed3/707:30 pmCHHoward Jones
Solo - The Songs And The Stories (Tickets)
Thu3/807:30 pmCHRoger Clyne & The Peacemakers
Southwestern Wilds (Tickets)
Thu3/807:30 pmSCPopa Chubby
Legendary New York Blues Guitarist (Tickets)
Fri3/908:00 pmCHThe Pogues
by The Boys From the County Hell
Annual St. Patrick's Bash (Tickets)
Fri3/908:00 pmSCCelebrating the Music of Judy Garland
Cleveland Jazz Orchestra with vocalist Joan Ellison (Tickets)
Fri3/911:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, a store for lovers! (Tickets)
Sun3/1112:00 pmSCIrish Brunch with The Kilroys
Traditional Irish music in the city of Cleveland (Tickets)
Sun3/1112:30 pmCHNeil Diamond Brunch
Featuring The Diamond Project (Tickets)
Mon3/1207:00 pmCHScience Café Cleveland – Using Artificial Platelet Nanotechnology to Better Regulate Blood Clotting
Talk Science, Drink Beer (Tickets)
Wed3/1407:00 pmSCThe Irish Invade Cleveland & Transform It – Margaret Lynch
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu3/1507:30 pmCHThe High Kings
Ireland’s Hottest Band direct from Dublin (Tickets)
Fri3/1608:00 pmCHThe McCartney Project
McCartney, Wings & The Beatles (Tickets)
Sat3/1707:00 pmCHShamrocks & Dreadlocks
St. Patrick’s Day Party
Featuring Carlos Jones & The P.L.U.S. Band, The Portersharks, DJ Packy Malley (Tickets)
Sat3/1708:00 pmSCU2 Tribute by ONE
The Sound, Vibe & Spirit of U2 (Tickets)
Sun3/1807:00 pmCHKristin Hersh & Grant-Lee Phillips
Stellar Songwriter Double Bill (Tickets)
Wed3/2107:00 pmSCTwilight of Innocence: The Disappearance of Beverly Potts – James Badal
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Thu3/2207:30 pmCHMoody Blues Tribute by Time Traveller
Back by Popular Demand (Tickets)
Fri3/2308:00 pmCHBruce in the USA
A Springsteen Marathon (Tickets)
Fri3/2308:00 pmSCTinsley Ellis
Feral Blues Guitar (Tickets)
Sat3/2407:00 pmSCCarole King Tribute by Home Again
Celebrating the Legacy of Carole (Tickets)
Wed3/2807:00 pmSCCleveland Indians – Bobby DiBiasio
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed3/2808:00 pmCHMarc Roberge
An Evening With Marc Roberge of O.A.R. (Tickets)
Thu3/2907:30 pmSCJohnny Cash Tribute
by The Cold Hard Cash Show
The Men in Black return to the Music Box (Tickets)
Wed4/407:00 pmSCThe Making of the Movie Major League – Jonathan Knight
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Fri4/608:00 pmSCMerle Haggard Tribute by Gringo Stew
Sing Me(rle) Back Home! (Tickets)
Sat4/708:00 pmCHTribute to Journey with E5C4P3
Don't Stop Believin' (Tickets)
Sun4/812:00 pmSCSinatra Brunch
with Michael Sonata (Tickets)
Mon4/907:00 pmCHScience Café Cleveland – Tiny Brains at High Speed: The Neuroscience of Fly Flight
Talk Science, Drink Beer (Tickets)
Wed4/1107:00 pmSCCleveland Takes on the World and is Winning – David Gilbert
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Sat4/1408:00 pmCHRodney Crowell
40 Years of Country Rock (Tickets)
Wed4/1807:00 pmSCHippies Invade Cleveland & Other Stories of Coventry – Steve Presser
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed4/1807:30 pmCHTommy Castro and the Painkillers
Blue-Eyed West Coast Soul (Tickets)
Fri4/2011:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Free Admission and Free Bingo! Win fun bar swag and prizes from Ambiance, a store for lovers! (Tickets)
Mon4/2307:30 pmCHIndigo Girls
A Lifetime of Soaring Harmonies (Tickets)
Tue4/2407:30 pmCHIndigo Girls
A Lifetime of Soaring Harmonies (Tickets)
Wed4/2507:00 pmSCMore Unsolved Murders! – James Renner
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Fri4/2708:00 pmCHThe THE BAND Band
Music From Big Pink" 50th Anniversary Celebration (Tickets)
Wed5/207:00 pmSCThe Rise & Fall of WMMS – John Gorman, Flash Ferenc & Denny Sanders
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Fri5/408:00 pmCHHollywood Nights – A True Bob Seger Experience
A True Bob Seger Experience (Tickets)
Wed5/907:00 pmSCCleveland Car Show – Larry Davis
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Wed5/1607:00 pmSCFamous Cleveland Fires & How They Were Fought
Cleveland Stories Dinner Parties (Tickets)
Fri5/1811:00 pmSCLate Nite Lounge: Drag Bingo
Hosted by Cleveland's TALLEST Drag Entertainer Veranda L'Ni (Tickets)