Weezer Tribute by Weener


Weener or Weezer? You Can't Tell the Difference

Why you should see this show…

Four veterans of the Cleveland music scene, drawn to the fuzzy crunch of barre chords and the poppiest melodies found floating across the Four Winds, this band is called Weener and they play Weezer songs. While their catalog spans a large portion of Weezer’s material, Weener has spent more than ten years specializing in faithful, live recreations of The Blue Album and Pinkerton. They won’t break up any dinner parties arguing about the pre or post Matt Sharp eras, but if you’re in the mood for a fun show that rocks like you haven’t rocked since 1996, then you’ve come to the right one.

Weener Bio
As the story goes, the band originally formed in Cleveland Ohio, when drummer Steve Callahan was looking to pursue other interests musically after his Appalachian folk band dissolved due to conflicting interests. Steve and long time friend Mike Gali got together to discuss plans of a band that would make the most money in the shortest amount of time. The obvious answer was to start a Weezer tribute band.

After answering an ad on Craigslist, guitarist Justin Haberer was chosen as lead guitarist, and main “axe slingin'” rock extraordinaire. He had just returned from a world tour as backup guitarist for the band Nickelback, and was in dire need of the work. He also served as an invaluable source of “tech” information, such as tuning your instrument, and playing the right notes (and so on…)

After teaching their newly found singer (Matt Fornes) how to play the guitar, the group began rehearsing the first Weezer album (the blue album) from start to finish.

Uptight Sugar Bio
Cleveland, OH’s Uptight Sugar is the brainchild of singer/songwriter David Hamilton. Throughout the years, Hamilton [lead vocals, keys] has always played with a rotating cast of musicians; however, it was not until 2012 with the arrivals of Adam Christian [bass] and Matt Vance [lead guitar] did the current lineup begin to take shape. The final two pieces were added when Mike Murray [keys, guitar] and Dan Jankowski [drums] joined the band in late 2013. The stage was finally set for Hamilton’s music to truly be realized and over the next three years, the band began writing and recording what would later become their debut EP Under Blue Light.

Released in January of 2018, Under Blue Light received positive reviews notably for its striking sound and song writing quality as well as the band’s seamless ability to combine Rock n’ Roll, Psychedelia and Electro Pop. The album was produced by the band’s very own Mike Murray and was later mixed by fellow Cleveland musician Jimmy Weaver of Welshly Arms. Both contributed heavily to its overall direction and sonic palette creating a record, “that has that sense of good filmmaking.”

In support of their debut record, Sugar has been extensively gigging while writing and recording tracks for their next release slated for early 2019.


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