Sibling Celtic Folk Trio

Scottish, Irish, and American Flavored Folk Music


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With a fiddle player, a cellist, and a guitar player in the family, it seems the Hearn siblings were destined to form a band. Add in special guest fiddle player, Louise Bichan and you’ve got a Scottish/Irish/Americana dream team

TriHearn Bio
TriHearn is made up of siblings Caitlin, Brendan, and Conor Hearn. Based in the DC metro area, they have been performing as a group since 2002. Since then, they have grown into seasoned musicians, attending music camps around the world and performing in many different states. TriHearn describes their sound as a mix of Irish, Scottish, and American folk music. They are always looking to push outside of their musical comfort zone and expand their sound to include elements from other genres of music.

Caitlin is the oldest sibling and fiddle player of the group. She studied classical music beginning at age 9 and fell in love with Irish fiddle music soon afterwards. As a teenager she played at venues around the DC metro area as a member of the Irish fiddle youth group the Bog Band. Since then, she has expanded her style to include elements from Scottish, Quebecois and American folk music. Now she enjoys writing tunes, coming up with cool new song arrangements, and performing with her younger brothers and parents. She currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Having been brought up by musical parents (Dad Hearn plays guitar, Momma Hearn plays flute), Brendan did not wait too long before getting deeply invested in the folk music scene. He took up cello at 8 years old and guitar when he was 12, along with bass. After attending Alasdair Fraser’s Valley of the Moon Fiddle School in 2009, he began chopping and really getting into accompanying tunes. Now, at 23, Brendan has played all over the country and has the most fun performing with his siblings and parents.

Conor is TriHearn’s youngest sibling and guitar player. After spending many years playing the fiddle, he discovered the joy of guitar rhythm and accompaniment in fiddle music and incorporated the styles of Irish and Scottish guitar players into his playing. He now includes his controversial tastes for bluegrass picking and jazz guitar into TriHearn’s sonic palette as well. Conor is currently a student at Tufts University and resides in Somerville, MA.


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