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Hits "Isn't It Time" & "Every Time I Think of You"

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1970s British rock band The Babys makes their return to Northeast Ohio. The band had a brief, but very successful career earning two songs on Billboard’s Top 15 chart and several other radio hits. 2017 also just so happens to mark 40 years of music making for these British rock vets.

The Babys Bio
Born in 1976, the world instantly fell in love with The Babys who took on the classic rock genre head first, offering a unique full-stage experience which gave rise to what quickly became their signature sound. Now, The Babys are back to rekindle that love affair with new members to remember and familiar faces one could never forget.

Original members Tony Brock (drummer) and Wally Stocker (lead guitarist) launched a worldwide talent search in 2013 to find the right key players to join them, which they found in their powerfully-magnetic new lead vocalist and bassist, John Bisaha. Accomplished singer-songwriter Joey Sykes (guitarist) and classically-trained pianist Francesco Saglietti (keyboardist) soon followed, with iconic Babettes, Holly Bisaha and Elisa Chadbourne completing the reformation.

Together, The Babys have electrified audiences by reintroducing Billboard chart-climbers like “Every Time I Think of You,” “Midnight Rendezvous,” and “Isn’t It Time” (which helped to launch them into worldwide recognition while also helping to carve out their permanent place in music history). In 2014, they released their first studio album in over 30 years I’ll Have Some of That! and added select tracks to their set list, which perfectly blends classic with current to concerts nationwide. “I See You There” was released at the end of 2014 and reached #5 on Billboard’s Hot Singles Sales Chart and stayed in the top–10 (reaching #5 as well) on FMQB’s AC Top-40 for 10 weeks.

The Babys were the first band ever signed to a million dollar record deal with Chrysalis Records on the basis of a ‘new’ thing called ‘video.’ The Babys classic songs have withstood the test of time with their hits still being played in rotation around the globe, and influencing bands of ‘the day’ and emerging artists respectively. Rock radio DJ/music enthusiast Paul Nicholls of Feel the Steel on Platinum Rock Radio UK echoed that sentiment during his interview with The Babys in August 2016, stating, “Without THE BABYS being around, music in the 80’s would’ve been a lot different.”

Drummer Tony Brock is strongly considered one of the best drummers in the world. Brock plays with a rare combination of feel and timing, combined with a preference to hit the drums just about as hard as possible. Post-Babys, Brock was a long-time member of Rod Stewart’s band in addition to playing with Jeff Beck, Bernie Taupin and others. Eventually, Brock founded Silver Dreams Studios ( near Los Angeles, where he produced platinum records for Jimmy Barnes and a string of others.

Lead guitarist Wally Stocker was noted as a key force throughout The Babys original rise to stardom. Stocker first left home in London at 15 with just a couple of pounds in his pocket and a guitar strapped to his back in pursuit of his rock and roll dreams, and he has never turned back. A favorite among Babys fans for his spellbinding guitar riffs that always played the spaces as well as the notes, Stocker went on to join Rod Stewart’s band, Air Supply, and Humble Pie.

Lead vocalist/bassist John Bisaha’s rich vocals and mesmerizing stage presence provides a throwback feel to the days of yesteryear while adding new energy that draws crowds to their feet at every live show. Bisaha proved to be an instant hit at The Babys first comeback performance in July 2013. The first song was “Looking For Love,” and it only took about 30 seconds for him to have the capacity crowd in the palm of his hand. Through the years Bisaha has made his mark in several bands including The Nameless, Azure Blue and Hall of Souls. He’s also written several original rock operas, and has traveled the world portraying Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Guitarist Joey Sykes was born and raised in New York, and currently lives in L.A. Sykes also spends time writing in Nashville. He got his first real taste of the industry with the band Boystown and Coward (Elektra Records) who shortly after signing their record deal signed a publishing deal with Warner-Chappell Music. Sykes later went on as the touring guitarist for Meredith Brooks, who opened for The Eurythmics at Madison Square Garden. In addition to The Babys, Sykes has been writing for other artists, television and motion pictures as well as producing other artists.

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