Virtual Science Café Cleveland


Talk Science, Drink Beer

  • Venue:Virtual
  • Showtime:7:00 pm

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Science Café Cleveland will be online this month. You’ll be able to connect to the Zoom session by following this link.


This Month’s Topic:
What To Do if there Is a Fire in Your Spacecraft (And How to Prevent Them)

Speaker Information:
Dr. Gary A. Ruff, Spacecraft Fire safety demonstration Project Manager, NASA Glenn Research Center

Fire safety in spacecraft has been a concern ever since we started flying astronauts aboard those spacecraft. There have been several “fire events” and a couple of real fires in NASA’s history and those have paved the way for improvements in fire prevention and fire response equipment and procedures. How can we learn how to prevent and respond to fires before we learn the hard way by actually having a fire? Operations in low-Earth orbit by the Space Shuttle and International Space Station offer a quick return to Earth if absolutely necessary. NASA’s focus on missions beyond low-Earth orbit and the development of lunar landers and habitats raises new risks and challenges for fire safety. This discussion will review what is being done to address fires in the habitable volume of exploration spacecraft and habitats.


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