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Controversies Over Whether Students' Beliefs in the Sources of Intelligence Influence their School Achievements

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Brooke MacNamara, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University
According to mindset theory, individuals believe either that their intelligence can grow with effort (i.e., they hold what is called a “growth mindset”) or that intelligence is relatively stable (i.e., hold a “fixed mindset”). Some earlier research findings have suggested that holding a growth mindset is beneficial and results in individuals having a greater propensity to try and overcome challenges, whereas holding a fixed mindset is thought to be detrimental, leading to a greater likelihood of giving up too easily when faced with a challenge or even avoiding situations where they might be challenged.

These ideas have been widely circulated in the education community and led to intervention programs designed to encourage the growth mindset in students. Brooke recently tested the effectiveness of such interventions on academic achievement and found that these claims may have been overstated. Join us at this month’s Science Cafe Cleveland as she shares these findings.

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