Polyphonic Spree


Featured on the soundtrack of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Polyphonic Spree – 22 pieces of fun

It’s impossible to be sad when listening to (or perhaps the better word is experiencing) the Polyphonic Spree. Frontman/ringleader Tim DeLaughter started the collective after the dissolution of his ’90s band Tripping Daisy, and from day one the group has functioned more like a traveling choir whose goal is to spread joy and positivity. (This is no exaggeration: At its largest, the Polyphonic Spree boasted 27 members in its ranks, while the smallest it’s ever been is 13 people.) The band’s five studio albums—and beloved singles such as “Light & Day/Reach For The Sun”—boast rainbow-hued orchestral instrumentation, joyful choral harmonies, shimmering harmonies and skyscraping hooks. The group’s latest album, 2013′s Yes, It’s True., even gives Flaming Lips a run for their money; the LP is full of blissed-out psychedelic electropop, with the dizzy, propulsive “You Don’t Know Me” as a highlight. Currently, The Polyphonic Spree has 22 members; at this concert, expect an unparalleled (and uplifting) experience.


The majestic Cleveland band Seafair is poised for great things. Like Ra Ra Riot with bite, the sextet incorporates gorgeous cello and violin into turbulent guitar rock that overflows with heart.