Mr. Jimmy

The Real Live Experience of Led Zeppelin


Why you should see this show…

Japanese guitarist Akio “Jimmy” Sakurai has dedicated over 35 years of his life to faithfully recreating vintage Led Zeppelin concerts note-for-note. With years of practice and an incredible backstory, MR. JIMMY is a Led Zeppelin revival like you’ve never experienced before!

In snowbound Tokamachi, Japan, teenaged Akio Sakurai took refuge in his room, escaping to another world with a pair of headphones and a pile of Led Zeppelin records. Moving to Tokyo, Akio worked as a “salary man” by day, but by night became “MR. JIMMY,” adopting the guitar chops and persona of Jimmy Page. For 35 years, Akio recreated vintage Zeppelin concerts note-for-note in small Tokyo clubs, until the “real” Jimmy Page stopped by one night, and Akio’s life changed forever.

Established in 2017, MR. JIMMY- Led Zeppelin Revival was created to revive the “Real Live Experience of Led Zeppelin.” Jimmy Sakurai believes that the music of Led Zeppelin is to be evaluated as classical masterpieces.

Jimmy Sakurai’s passion brings to life the live concerts of Led Zeppelin, conveying the splendor of the songs to the present generation of new and old fans by not only performing the music but by further expressing the essential essence by the movement and improvisation of chemistry between the band members on stage. MR. JIMMY embraces and draws their audience into the feel and vibe of each concert by mastering the style and energy of Led Zeppelin by dressing for a specific era, and concert. MR. JIMMY also utilizes the same music gear for optimum sound and performance. They bring the same passion and energy that Led Zeppelin had through their music history.


Dining Options

You have two dining options when attending a show in our Concert Hall:

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Concert Hall – Our Concert Hall menu is fast to the table and allows you to dine right in your ticketed seat. So, there is no additional reservation required. The Concert Hall kitchen will be open through intermission. Table side beverage service will continue throughout the concert.


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