Mark Olson


Founding Member of The Jayhawks

Mark Olson & Ingunn Ringvold Tour in Support of New Album Magdalen Accepts the Invitation


Why you should see this show…

Magdalen Accepts the Invitation is music that will speak to you about things that have happened! An album that sounds like you are out in the desert all by yourself. Remembering childhood experiences and musical instruments and all the joy that took place. Mark Olson & Ingunn Ringvold will share songs from their new album tonight.

Mark Olson & Ingunn Ringvold Bio
Mark Olson was born and raised in Minnesota by a family of mostly farmers and school teachers. He has been involved with musical instruments since the age of twelve and is self-taught for the most part and uses alternate tunings and two-part unison singing followed then by breaking off into harmony in his writing and live performances. In 1985, he founded the Jayhawks and was a principal songwriter, singer and guitarist for the band’s first four albums. After the Jayhawks, Olson formed the Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers, touring in Europe and making seven records. With his wife, Ingunn Ringvold, he has made three albums, including Magdalen Accepts the Invitation.

Ingunn Ringvold, Mark’s wife and musical partner, comes from Larvik, Norway, the home of Thor Heyerdahl, the explorer of Easter Island and Kon Tiki raft author. She has been singing in public since she was very young. Her voice is one of natural beauty. She hears music in her heart and writes emotionally dramatic and moving string arrangements. Ingunn also plays Qanon, Mellotron and djembe.


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