Jazz Is Phish


Jazzy Twist on the Best of Phish


Why you should see this show…

Uniting the world of Jazz with the world of Phish, Jazz is Phish is a creative extension of the legendary Phish catalog and live experiences. If you like Phish, but would like to hear their songs delivered in a unique style, then this band is for you.

Jazz Is Phish Bio
Jazz Is Phish is an instrumental tribute to Phish inspired by the popular tribute to The Grateful Dead, “Jazz is Dead.” Jazz Is Phish is a collective of prominent musicians from the Jazz and Jam scenes that have come together in their appreciation of Phish music to reimagine Phish in an instrumental, jazz fusion setting!

Jazz Is Phish uses the melodic structure of the music of Phish to present instrumental jazz-funk-fusion renditions of choice Phish songs. With the Phish catalogue being rich with unique and complex arrangements, worthy of being celebrated, The Chase Brothers have created an ever expanding “real book” of Phish which allows musicians of all backgrounds to step into the music and breathe new life into the songbook. The horn driven musical arrangements span from bop jazz vibes to deep funk fusion filled with danceable grooves and strong melodies.